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    • Utilizing a complete consumer engagement platform approach, Invivid Media transforms your approach to consumer engagement based on your individual needs through integrated or stand-alone services.

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  • Invivid Media

    Invivid Media is a consumer engagement company for the converged media landscape.
    Invivid is a pioneer of Real Time Branding and Marketing. We position your company with the world media to rapidly accelerate your position and the visibility of your brand and products. Our team has the unique formula for achieving major results on your timetable. We connect the most powerful Influencers and Celebrities with the largest brands in the world. The company accelerates your branded assets through massive social media activation, and develops, produces, and distributes original content through existing and emerging film and video platforms by leverage existing assets of major brands.

    Invivd Media works with agencies, brand owners and content developers
    by providing an outsourced solution to eliminate the excessive costs associated with the development of an internal strategic production and development team, along with the expertise in the distribution and monetization of content assets.





  • Strategy

    Invivid Media provides a solution to the increasing demand for original quality content and the need for brands to connect with a more sophisticated consumer base that no longer pays attention to traditional forms of advertising.
    InVivid Media is uniquely situated to address this window of opportunity by combining the brand strategy expertise of and advertising agency with the production development and distribution expertise of a production company. With over 20 years of experience from InVivid principals and advisors, who come from leading media agencies, consumer product companies, and Hollywood production companies and distributors, InVivid is rapidly demonstrating itslef as a leader in this space. The Company provides a unique solution that delivers expertise from the television and film industry.

  • Emerging Formats & Distribution

    Emerging Formats
    In addition to tradtional television and film formats, short form serialized video content has become an accepted and desired format of entertainment and information. With a consumer base that is increasingly demanding bite-size content that can be viewed in a time-shifted environment and on connected devices such as cell phones and pad devices, Invivid brings major studio and “A”-list production expertise to new and emerging content formats.

    New Distribution Models
    Content distribution is rapidly evolving to a completely internet-based distribution environment. This has created an explosive opportunity for content portals and aggregators to become channels and sources for original programming. These aggregators need original programming that is engaging in order to remain relevant. Invivid Media brings the expertise of successful film and television distribution companies and applies these disciplines in this new media world by focusing on the distribution and monetization of intellectual property within this emerging multi-platform environment.

    New Brand Awareness Models
    Traditionally content has been developed through the financial investment of private equity and distribution companies. As consumers have become more sophisticated viewers of information and content, brands have been squeezed out of traditional advertising models and desperately need new ways to connect with their target market. Invivid Media brings brand expertise and agency experience and combines it with the story telling and character development disciplines of film and television, in order to create content that is completely immersed around a brand. Brands can now become equity partners in content that has a value in itself, while connecting with their target market in a way that is proven to be much more effective than traditional forms of advertising and marketing.

  • Invivid News

    Invivid Media Launches Development and Distribution Studio for Branded content in the Converged Media Landscape
    March 24, 2011, Philadelphia, PA / New York, NY / West Hollywood, CA – A group of veterans from the film, television, and advertising industries have come together to launch Invivid Media, a development and distribution company focusing on branded content in the exploding converged media environment, including everything from traditional film and television to mobile television networks, game consoles and Internet-based video platforms. Invivid Media’s lineup includes Framelight Productions executive Jeffrey D. Erb and former Johnson & Johson Global Media Director, Michael Giarraputo. The company’s Board includes Patricia Wyatt, former President of HiT North America and 20th Century Fox Consumer Products; Hal Sadoff, senior partner at ICM; Ray Rotolo, COO of Aegis Media–owned Posterscope; Robert L. Robinson, Jr., Co-President of Framelight Productions; Jason Piette, founding partner of Stealth Media, Spice Factory, and Arclight; Mort Goldberg, CEO of Gamma Communications; and Howard Nelson, former Vice President of Worldwide Promotion, Marketing and Publicity for 20th Century Fox Television. The Company is currently developing a wide variety of both traditional as well as web-based and mobile episodic programming for brand clients and partner ad agencies, and recently developed the reality-based web series “Making the Squad”. Hundreds of contestants come from all over the country to tryout to be an NFL cheerleader, but there are only 38 slots available on the squad. “Making the Squad” is an eight-episode web series which follows four women through the audition process to see if they have what it takes to become an NFL cheerleader. The series can be viewed at: http://abclocal.go.com/wpvi/video?id=8032468 As entertainment converges to IP distributed platforms and outlets for channels of video content expand beyond TV to include cell phones, consoles, and computers the demand for proprietary content is exploding.” says Invivid Media co-founder, Jeffrey D. Erb, “Brands need to leverage their marketing initiatives to connect with their consumer in new ways.” With a team that encompasses individuals whose disciplines come from ad agencies, film and television development and distribution companies, as well as brands themselves, Invivid Media develops content and distributes content by providing an outsourced solution to eliminate the excessive costs associated with the development of an internal strategic production team, and allows companies to develop intellectual property that becomes both a marketing message and a revenue generating asset.

  • Staff

    Michael Giarraputo
    Prior to founding InVivid, Michael served as the Senior Vice President, Business Development at Mindset Marketing Solutions from 2008-09. In this role, he was responsible for connecting Mindset’s unique data to Pharmaceutical & Healthcare marketers, their agencies & the media community. Giarraputo lead the company’s development of a National Patient Delivery Network to facilitate the execution of Mindset-driven data applications. Prior to Mindset, he had a successful 17-year career as Media Director for the Johnson & Johnson Global Marketing Group. At J&J, he directed the company’s significant media investments, led strategic multi-media planning for all corporate initiatives and was responsible for projects such as the selection, integrated marketing and communications planning for the Emmy®-award winning “Johnson & Johnson Spotlight Presentation®” movie series for television.

    Howard Nelson
    Prior to joining InVivid, Howard served as the Vice President of Worldwide Promotion, Marketing and Publicity for 20th Century Fox, generating over $9 million dollars in global licensed revenue on an annual basis through the development of licensed promotion partnerships partnerships with blue chip brands including Nike, Coca – Cola, Microsoft and Unilever. Prior to 20th Century Fox, Howard was the Vice President of Brand Marketing and Licensing for Starz Entertainment where he managed worldwide licensing for all Starz Media brands including Showtime’s Masters of Horror, Everyone’s Hero and Cartoon Network’s Hellboy Animated. He formed Licensing relationships with FOX Licensing & Merchandising for Starz theatrical films: Everyone’s Hero and Space Chimps that resulted in millions of consumer impressions and significant revenue.


    Patricia Wyatt
    Patricia Wyatt is a 20-year entertainment and marketing vet who has served as president, HIT North America, one of the world’s leading pre-school children’s entertainment producers and rights owners. With operations in the U.S., U.K., Canada and Japan, the company’s activities span television production and distribution, home entertainment, consumer products, publishing and live events. Patricia directly managed a turnaround of the entire North American based operation including Licensing, Home Entertainment, Live Stage Shows, Broadcast Relations, Global Creative Development, Global IT, Marketing, Promotions and Public Relations. She also served as a member of the London based HIT Executive Steering Committee which oversaw global strategic direction, production green light processes, acquisitions and key partner relationships including Comcast and PBS.

    Hal Sadoff
    Hal Sadoff is the Head of International and Independent Film at International Creative Management (“ICM”), one of the world’s largest talent and literary agencies, with offices in Los Angeles, New York and London. A cornerstone of the entertainment industry for more than three decades, ICM represents creative and technical talent in the fields of motion pictures, television, music, publishing, live performance, branded entertainment and new media. Over the past eighteen years, Mr. Sadoff has been involved in numerous financing transactions with independent film producers and production companies, international film sales organizations, banks, international film distributors along with all of the major film studios. He has developed an extensive global network of relationships with the media, entertainment and financial communities, playing an integral role in over 200 film productions and financings totaling more than $2.5 billion. The range of media and entertainment transactions and advisory work that he has been involved in has included single picture project financings, tax/subsidy based film financings, initial public offerings, private placements, corporate lines of credit and acquisition financing.

    Mort Goldberg
    Mort Goldberg is the founder and CEO of Gamma Communications, a marketing and sales promotion agency specifically focusing on building businesses through strategic alliances. Gamma Communications was created to help brands and businesses maximize their market potential by extending the reach of brand messages and brand availability to new audiences and new applications. Founded in 1999, Gamma is a continuation of founder Mort Goldberg's 30 years in the industry. Mr. Goldberg served for thirteen years as president of Morton Goldberg Associates Inc. (MGA), which he founded in 1983. MGA, a full service marketing and sales promotion agency, became a subsidiary of WPP Group. During his tenure at MGA, Mr. Goldberg created successful promotion programs for major client companies that included Nabisco Brands, Unilever, Procter and Gamble, Lehn and Fink, Becton Dickinson, Nestle Foods, Kay-Bee Toy Stores, and Lea & Perrins, among others.

    Jason Piette
    Jason Piette is a founding partner in Stealth Media Group (UK) and heads up the US office. Stealth Media Group focuses on international sales of film, television and film libraries. Stealth Media Group has built up a fast growing and recognizable brand at all major motion picture and television festivals and markets worldwide, including Cannes, AFM, EFM, Berlinale, The Sundance Film Festival, Toronto International Film Festival, Pusan International Film Festival, MIPCOM and MIPTV. Prior to founding Stealth Media Group, Jason Piette was a founding partner in building up some of the most successful independent film distribution and production companies, including Spice Factory, Arclight, Velvet Octopus, and La Fabrique De Film.

  • Celebrity Activation

    Invivid Media has unparalleled access to celebrity personalities, allowing for extremely high levels of ROI on your campaign inititiatives. Invivid Media's reality branding is the fastest and most effective way to get your brand in the global news and media. Invivid specializes in real-time global marketing, branding, public relations, social media marketing, celebrity appearances and endorsements. Invivid puts your brand front and center in the world media through a diverse and effective combination of techniques.

    Kim Kardashian Space Millions of Milkshakes
    Thousands show up for launch of Millions of Milkshakes in Dubai mall Kim Kardashian appearance


    Kim Kardashian Space Mr. Pink Energy Drink

    Jackson children make first public appearance at launch of Mr. Pink Energy Drink Results in $100 Million Distribution Deal


  • Branded Content Development

    Media is converging more rapidly than ever before

    Consumers are adopting to new forms of delivery

    Serialized short form content has become an accepted medium

    Consumers are seeking out ways to connect with brands through entertainment as opposed to being marketed to Content Aggregators have an exploding need for creative and engaging content

    Old methods of brand/customer marketing and engagement are rapidly disappearing

    Traditional advertising and media placement no longer guarantee viewership. You can no longer“disrupt” the consumer


  • Massive Social Media Activation

    Invivid Media develops massive word of mouth campaigns and organic friend-to-friend endorsements, creating Social Scene Takeovers - Pre-Existing Celebrity Sponsors Massive Call to Action – Hyper Targeted Demo

    The technology platform and influencer infrastructure has been 100% built around marketing brands and products.

    We connect brands directly with the real people that spark trends.

    Massive Social Media Activation

  • Video Content Production

    Video StatisticsShort Form Serialized Video Content is achieving sales lift of 24% and higher for brands

    - Scripted TV-Style Content

    - Reality-Based Content

    - News Magazine Content

    Costs for developing and distributing content are a small fraction of marketing spend

    Distribution is online and through second screen media

    The share of tablet video viewing is going through rapid growth.

  • Multi-screen Media Disribution

    Distribution is one of the most overlooked aspects of content development

    Viral videos don’t equate to sustainable relationships

    Distribution strategy is as important as the content itself

    Aggregators NEED content